Alkaline Hydrolysis Disposition by Bio-Response Solutions

Human Low Temperature System

Low temperature systems do not require a pressure vessel. To see a comparison of Low vs. High Temperature Systems, please see the dedicated FAQ Section.

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Features and Specs

Two medium-sized (0-495lb) low temperature units in loading position.

Two medium-sized low temperature units in operating position.


Low temperature human system with the stanless steel basket container.


Low temperature human system with the basket container partially outside. Operators will use a lift table.

Example alkaline hydrolysis installation at a human crematorium, next to two fire-based cremation units.

The alkaline hydrolysis system is now in the angled operating position.


Example installation at a human crematorium with limited space.

Example installation at a funeral home with limited space.

Mark Riposta of Riposta Funeral home and Direct Cremation of Maine opens the door to his low temp AH unit.

Jeff Edwards of Edwards Funeral Service places his unit in the operating position.

Large, user-friendly, color touch-screen interface


The weight of the body and process parameters can be viewed


The stainless steel basket container slides onto tracks on the lift table.

Here an existing cremation lift table was retro-fitted with easily removable rails.

The lift table is lowered to a preferred level for transfering the deceased to the basket.

The top of the basket is removed for easy transfer of the body from the gurney. The deceased is respectfully covered or contained in a special opaque dissolvable body bag.

Since this is a gentle process, alkaline hydrolysis allows funeral directors to return up to 20% more bone remains to the family.